Total Lifecycle Protection

Republic Services operates one of the nation’s largest transportation fleets. We have a variety of specialty vehicles to handle unique jobs including pneumatic and specialty lined tankers and vacuum trucks.

Your teams tightly manage safety and compliance at the plant. It’s a big job. What about when generated waste leaves your facility, when risk is at its highest?

Total Lifecycle Protection works with your business throughout the entirety of the waste stream’s lifecycle from generation to disposal. You will receive proven industrial expertise at every step for more complete protection and better economics. Total Lifecycle Protection covers your facility’s waste throughout:

  • Generation Support

    We can support any plant service that generates waste, whether you need a comprehensive hazardous waste optimization program or a simple tank cleaning.

  • Treatment/Processing

    From on-site waste treatment to helping determine the right safety and compliance protocols, we can put all waste generated on the path to proper management, and make it happen.

  • Smart Storage

    Your plant’s waste will be stored properly in accordance with all applicable state, Federal, and other regulations until its eventual removal for processing, recycling or disposal.

  • Turnkey Transportation

    Proper transportation takes regulatory and logistical mastery—especially with regard to hazardous waste. With our experienced industrial specialists, it’s handled.

  • Responsible Disposal

    We manage hundreds of waste disposal sites, oilfield disposal facilities and landfills. We know how to properly dispose of all hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste using proper protocols and documentation.

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