Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Trust Republic Services to properly dispose of your pharmaceutical and biotech waste. From everyday solid waste to compliance with safety and environmental regulations for biohazardous materials, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle your waste safely.

We understand how to meet the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We stay informed of regulatory developments, keep our equipment well-maintained and are always evolving toward sustainability. We collect more than 100 million tons of waste and recycling annually, and with our 99.9% pickup reliability record, we’ll help you maintain a safe and clean environment.

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Lab equipment
  • Solutions at Scale

    From field services to on-site waste coordination, our massive presence and significant capacity literally cover the field.

  • Operational Expertise

    From construction to healthcare, education to energy, our extensive experience in a range of industries and our unsurpassed waste management portfolio are the reasons companies turn to us.

  • Uniquely Multidisciplinary

    From industrial services to hauling to transportation, our teams collaborate to solve complex, big-picture problems and their ramifications.

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From drum management and rental equipment to industrial waste, lab pack, remediation and field services, Republic Services offers a wide range of solutions. So call us. Whatever the waste, we’ll take care of it.

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