Field & Industrial Services

Republic Services brings you the team and tools you need for dependable field and industrial services.

We have the equipment and personnel to tackle complex projects such as a decommissioning that demands cleaning tank batteries, confined space entry, demolition and disposal — or a pit cleanout requiring vacuum services, dewatering, and solids removal and disposal.

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Workers making adjustments to equipment
  • Industrial Cleaning

    We’re ready anytime. Turn to us for cleaning between product swaps, changes and rotations to minimize downtime.

  • Tank Cleaning

    Our trained personnel can remove hazardous or non-hazardous materials.

  • Vacuum Services

    Our vacuum services can handle your sludge, liquids and solids cleaning needs.

  • Hydro Excavation

    Choose hydro excavation for your daylighting, trenching or potholing projects.

  • Maintenance Services

    Get your cleaning done as part of scheduled maintenance to make sure your equipment is always in top shape.

  • Trained personnel who know how to get the job done and maintain compliance

  • Turnkey waste collection and any necessary processing

  • Disposal of excavated materials in accordance with all regulations

  • The latest equipment on-site, properly specified and well maintained

  • Waste-related removal, documentation and transportation

Ready to Get Started?

From industrial cleaning to vacuum services to hydro excavation, Republic Services offers a wide range of field and industrial services. So call us. Whatever the waste, we’ll take care of it.

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