Health, Safety & Environmental

While all activities have risk, with the proper expertise, experience and skills, your risks can be minimized. Republic Services provides these so you can rest assured that your employees, plant and community are well-protected.

Industrial waste comes with a set of inherent risks that require experience and skill to manage. We work directly with facilities to establish safe, reliable, and environmentally compliant measures to keep them running responsibly and minimize the risk.

  • Regulatory Knowledge

    We understand how complex, esoteric and high-stakes the management of your facility’s waste streams can be. Republic Services delivers long-term industry veterans who know the business, from strategic compliance to small service jobs.

  • Generation Support

    We can support any plant service that generates waste, whether you need a comprehensive hazardous waste optimization program or a simple tank cleaning.

  • Extensive Resources

    Assured HS&E performance means finding the right people. We can put more qualified, trained, certified personnel on your project than almost anyone else in the business—regardless of the job.

Your facility’s waste streams can have a huge impact. Keep them compliant with Republic Services.


Number of Republic Service employees that earned the company’s Dedicated-to-Safety Award

The employees had no preventable accidents or safety-related warning letters

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