Solids & Liquids Disposal

Turn to Republic Services for your E&P solid and liquid disposal needs.

Our nationwide network gives you access to conveniently located E&P-exempt landfills in major basins across the U.S. And with our extensive operational controls and compliance monitoring, you can be sure your waste is disposed of properly.

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Worker supervising disposal
  • Drill Cuttings

  • Drilling Fluids

  • Tank Bottoms/Sludges

  • Contaminated Soils

  • Decommissioned Fiberglass Tanks

  • Washouts

  • Flowback and Completions Fluids

  • Other E&P-exempt Materials

  • Total safety and compliance, from on-site work to disposal

  • Upfront consultation on your project’s scope and budget

  • The extensive transportation and disposal infrastructure you need

  • Scalable support for everything from trenching to tank clean-outs

  • The highest quality and most durable equipment in the energy sector

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From hydrovac to hauling, Republic Services offers a wide range of E&P solutions. So call us. Whatever the waste, we’ll take care of it.

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