We Work For Earth

At Republic Services, we believe in preserving a cleaner, safer and healthier world where people thrive — not just for today, but for generations to come.

That’s why we work for Earth. We protect our environment from the materials we’re entrusted to handle every day by encouraging increased recycling, generating renewable energy and helping our customers to be more resourceful.

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Truck driving on road
  • Operations

    We’re environmentally responsible at every stage of our operations, and we aim to set the highest standards for our market and for communities across America. From expanding our fleet of natural gas-powered trucks to innovating our landfill gas-to-energy projects, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Solutions

    As a leading recycling provider, environmentally responsible solutions are at the core of our business. From curbside single-stream recycling to proper disposal of special waste, our customers work for Earth with us. We strive to be the most Earth-friendly provider available.

  • Education

    We take our responsibility to our environment and communities seriously. With outreach and education programs across the U.S., we’re raising awareness of environmental issues and encouraging recycling and responsible practices, so we can all build a better future together.

  • Innovation

    Our environmental managers lead the nation in developing new ideas and innovative approaches to solve waste challenges. We’re pioneering change in our industry — and we’re taking our customers on that journey with us.

Help Us Create a Bright Future

When it comes to recycling, everyone has a part to play. Our experts will analyze your industrial waste stream and create a plan for diverting your recyclables, keeping them out of landfills. Together, we can help make our planet a cleaner, safer and healthier world.

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